Rambler Nearly Home

Taken off Stromboli!!

Elusive - Maltese boat and as far as I know still in the race and doing well
Wouldn't like to be caught in the middle of that

Atalanta - still easy sailing when this pic was taken

Above are some pics taken from the Middle Sea Race site. Well worth reading the latest news on the race by clicking on http://www.rolexmiddlesearace.com/news/index.cfm?ID=129&f
Well, WHAT A STORM LAST NIGHT! I think its one of the worst I can remember. It was howling with what I would imagine would be 'horizontal' rain. What those boats still racing must be going thru I can't imagine...........................plenty of sick bags probably unless you are the most hardened of sailors. These sailing conditions can't be far off the terrible conditions faced in the Fastnet Race. No doubt the 'Roaring Forties' are probably far far worse cos its a large open ocean not an enclosed sea like the Med. Its still howling like made out there. May try and get some pics of the coast today.
Hats off to our Maltese teams who are still braving it .'Elusive' who, as far as I know as I write this, are still racing look to be in a good position. The skipper and owner of the boat - Arthur Podesta - is the only person who has taken part in every single Middle Sea Race that has taken place.
From looking at the tracking chart 'Rambler' is nearly home which will mean the record will be smashed. The next boats are quite a way behind on the Western tip of Sicily. It looks like the second boat is 'Roaring Forty' (very aptly named!) and 'Vineta'. 'Cippa Lippa' and 'Atalanta' seem to have taken shelter in port somewhere just before Palermo. Alot of teams have gathered in Syracuse and are having a big party whilst waiting out the storm before they can sail back home!!