Peconic Puffin - Surfer Model of the Year

Above is a wonderful picture of 'fellow blogger' (Peconic Puffin) from Long Island who has recently been on a 'Men's only' windsurfing holiday to the Hatteras area (Carolinas if I'm not mistaken - in the States).
I thought I would share with you a sample of the good looking surfers that hail from Long Island!

Peconic Puffin is by far my most favourite of bloggers - I suppose because his way of blogging is more on how I think a blog should be . Peconic is listed on my favourite links if you wish to view his blog.


PeconicPuffin said…
Thank you, Bunty! Your blog is a Puffin favorite as well.

If any of your readers are wondering, the answer is "no, that is not a mask."

I hope you're getting's getting windy (though colder) here.