Middle Sea Race Update

Well, since this morning's posting there have been quite a few retirements and these boats have gone in to shelter in various harbours on the East coast of Sicily. Some have damage and I think some just don't like the sound of the forecast and are playing it safe. Amongst those that retired are 'Damiani' and 'Titan' (think they must have had some damage for them to retire). Locally I know Lee on his boat 'Artie' has retired and also 'Prima Donna' damaged their mainsail so they had to retire too. Also the double handed 'Geisha'.
The trimaran 'Skywalker' just wanted to start the race but had decided beforehand to retire just after the start since they would not be able to handle the extreme wind conditions they would have to face. Damage to that sort of boat can cost one hell of alot!!
As for 'Rambler' they are miles ahead of the fleet and already past the half way mark heading fast toward Pantelleria. From now on for them its a broad reach down to Lampedusa and then probably a very close reach back to Malta. As long as nothing goes wrong they will definitely break the record by quite a long way.