'Loki' Loses Rudder - Crew Safely Airlifted

Photo taken by myself during the start of the race on Saturday. 'Loki' is the white hulled Australian yacht in the middle

'Loki' - photo taken from Rolex Middle Sea Race website
Quite alot of drama with this year's Middle Sea Race. 'Loki' got into big trouble losing its rudder off Sicily. The crew had to evacuate the boat and were, fortunately, all safely air lifted by helicopter. Hats off to 'Atalanta' who turned back on hearing the distress call and news to see if they could be of assistance. Unfortunately the waves were too high and wind too strong to be able to actually do much but it must have given the 'Loki' crew alot of moral support knowing they were right by their side.

I suggest you go onto this link to read the full report of 'Ramblers' success (which is very intersting to hear what Ken Read has to say) and also the full report of what happened to 'Loki'