A Fast Fast Race

Not even 24 hours has passed since the start of the Middle Sea Race yesterday and it looks like records are going to be broken this year. As I type this 'Rambler' is leading the pack well on its
way toward Palermo on the North Western tip of Sicily. She is followed by 'Loki', 'Damiani' and 'Cippa Lippa' who have all rounded the famous landmark volcano of 'Stromboli'. The majority of the fleet are passing thru the treachorous Straits of Messina (an obstacle course of whirl pools and ferries) with others heading from the Straits towards Stromboli.
The forecast is for force 8 winds by this evening and all crews have been readily anticipating this during this past week of preparations. Because of this forecast, yesterday 3 boats decided not to start the race while 4 boats had to retire after the race start. I can foresee a few more retirements as the race progresses - either preferring to take shelter during the worst of the wind or perhaps being forced to retire due to breakages. As long as no-one gets hurt - that's the main thing!

Meanwhile, here in Malta its already blowing a pretty strong westerly so it will make a good windsurfing day!


info said…
The Middle Sea Race looks like it will get a bit hairy as the wind is forecast to increase to 40-45 knots out of the NW by Sunday afternoon.

Check out www.passageweather.com for the latest race forecast.