Day 3 & 4 Grigal - Gale Force Winds

John on the left and Manwel on the right. Windsurfer and Kiter. John and Manwel are starting up their own blog soon mainly to display their photos. Will keep you posted when its up.

Roger flying high.

Dana getting some air time.

Manwel getting some good air.

John.........are these conditions to be trying Geckos??
Yesterday was day 3 of the gale force North Easterly winds that have been hitting the Maltese Islands and our side of the Med. The wind shifted slightly towards South East creating a very strong current and confused sea - this made sailing quite difficult, but a few braved the conditions.
Today is day 4 - I havent been down to the beach today but conditions have veered back more North Easterly and I have just had a look out over the bay and the guys seem to be ripping pretty well today so conditions must have improved from yesterday. Its windier but looks like easier sailing conditions.
The forecast for tomorrow remains more or less the same just down a notch to a 6 and easing off on Friday down to force 4 to 5. Then Sunday wind is going to change to North West and be force 6 to 7 again with the Westerly winds prevailing all week becoming pretty windy again thru the week. Well thats the long range forecast.
It looks like this year the MiddleSeaRace is going to be tough one. The past couple of years it has been plagued with very very light winds, but this year looks like its going to make up for it! Should be interesting. Due to the bad weather we have been having there are some yachts that are stuck in Sicily and hope they make it down in time for the start of the race on Saturday morning.


Sammy sent alll of our wind and wave your way and now it flat here... please send them back if you would.
Anonymous said…
Yo DUDES , awsome tricks , i enjoyed it. if you see manwel say hi for him. its Theo by the way. keep up the good stuff for the whole group. !!!!