Day 2 October Grigal - NE Wind

Manwel kiting. Manwel is one of our local kiters - 15 or 16 years old. He is also a windsurfer.

Benji is new to windsurfing. He is a former Oppie sailor and now sails Lasers. He is sailing well especially to cope with the conditions we have had the past couple of days.

David is one of our 'veteran' surfers. Loves the sport and will go out in anything. His wave riding is good too.
Yesterday was day 2 of wind. The direction was NNE. Waves inside not as big as the day before but outside they were pretty big. Some guys went out to the second reef where there was massive swell breaking - probably logo to mast high is the norm when the wave breaks out there. Further in near the 'Tunny Net 'the waves were building up and breaking really nicely later on in the afternoon. Was easy to get out of the surf as wind was almost totally cross shore which is nice as we usually get onshore when the waves are coming in. A big patch of thick thick seaweed in the middle made for a couple of thick mushy wipeouts if you happened to get dumped in the wrong place (like I did a couple of times!)
But it was a great day and nice to wake up with aching muscles........feels you have done something worthwhile! Today its blowing again - direction more Easterly and forecast is to become force 7 by this afternoon. Hope my hands hold out. Will have to put a glove on cos have burst blisters on one hand.
As my Synchro 86 felt way too big the day before (and as John was at school) I took John's Fanatic wave board -75l. What a difference! I havent had a small all out wave board for a couple of years now and must admit it was just great to feel a wave board beneath me again! Have been getting too used to the wide higher volume boards! In the present conditions one needs a small wave have one on the way! Will put a pic up when it arrives Peconic!! Having said that my Synchro 86 pro is great for the majority of conditions we get here, so the combination will be perfect for me.


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