Windsurfing Gozo

Going out for a rescue

Rescue fast and efficiently done

Daniel going for a Monkey Gybe

One of the Gozo surfers enjoying the conditions
Last Saturday brought a strong WNW wind. The Gozo surfers were surfing down at their club area. Just off the point is a reef which builds up to a big fast breaking wave. The conditions can be pretty wild and hairy there and the sea is pretty wild in itself being very deep where there is a massive drop off just beyond the reef.
The Gozo Sailing Club is a small club but a Club with a good community atmosphere and all there keen and willing to help when necessary. This really showed when one of the surfers broke his mast and needed rescuing before drifting too far down wind with the possibility of being flung onto the rocks. It was 'action stations' when they saw rescue was needed and the Club dinghy was launched into extremely rough conditions to help a fellow surfer. Rescue was fast and efficient and all came back safe within minutes. Unfortunately the sail was lost with the broken mast, but better that than a bad injury. With a bit of luck it may be washed ashore further downwind.
It was nice to see our eldest son, Daniel, out on the water. He doesn't get so much time out there now due to work but he had a good time and was still able to attempt his Monkey Gybes which he used to have off to a pat when he surfed more!
Throughout the week I shall be adding some more pics taken last Saturday.