Visits to my Sites

Just been going thru some statistics about visits to my blog and also my website - - and quite happy with the amount of visitors to my blog. In just under a year I have had over 3,000 visitors. This is more than I ever expected. I know viewership has gone down over summer cos I was unable to blog very much, so I have to work on that this Autumn and Winter to increase new viewers to my site and hold on to my 'regulars'.

As for the website I have had just over 2,000 visitors with 12,000 page views. I am a bit disappointed with the amount of visitors - I would have thought I should have had more visitors to my website than the blog. I am going to have to work on a few things to improve that - anyone out there got any advice how to reach more people re my website?


PeconicPuffin said…
2000 visitors is a good number! For myself, I'm more interested in people liking what they find and coming back...even if it's just a small windsurfing crowd...then having lots of people only come once or twice.

As a regular visitor to Bunts blog, I think it's great!