Middle Sea Race 2007

The above pic was taken from the MSR site. Its an amazing photo of Strait Dealer. Not sure who actually took it - but its an award winning shot to me!

The build up to the Middle Sea Race 2007 is well under way. Race starts Saturday 20th October and there are already close to 50 yachts registered to take part. All of good quality and high standard. You can view the entrants list on http://www.rolexmiddlesearace.com/entrants/index.cfm

For those members of the public who are interested in watching the unique start (don't think there is anywhere in the world that has such a unique start line) on the 20th, I would suggest the Valletta side of Marsamxett Harbour rather than the Yacht Club side. It is easier to get to and not so many crowds. If you would rather be amongst the crush and hustle and bustle then go to Manoel Island side. Once the race has started you can then go to Pembroke (top of Bahar ic-Caghaq hill) to see them round the buoy and head out to sea towards Sicily. It really is a magnificent site. If its quite a strong wind then you may not see much by the time you get to Pembroke cos those boats are preeetty damn fast!

The biggest attraction to me is seeing how the large boats manage to manouevre along that short start line and, ofcourse, the beautiful historic back drop of the bastions.


Hey Bunty... no wind huh? we have plenty here in the OBX... while not all that good for surfers, it would be a windsurfer dream to be sure