Malta Airshow/Aloha Classic 07 Cancelled

Last weekend was the airshow her in Malta. It takes place every year and there are always some good aerial displays. This year they chose to do the aerial display over St. Paul's Bay and the action happened to be right infront of where my parents live so we had the best view possible from their balcony.
Above was the most impressive plane for me (besides the usual F16 which is always great to watch). The above plane is a fire fighter and was actually one of the ones that helped out with the forest fires in Greece this summer. There were lots of demonstrations of the plane scooping the water out of the sea and releasing it etc. The impressive part was how manouvreable it is especially when you consider its laden with water that is sloshing around from one end to the other in the plane.

On another note just came across a Maui blog which had announcement. Already heard something about this from a friend of mine who is having a great time in Maui right now and windsurfing till he drops!

"2007 ALOHA CLASSIC WAVE CHAMPIONSHIPS POSTPONED TO 2008 Maui, HI - The 2007 Aloha Classic Wave Championships, scheduled for Nov 5 -17, has been postponed to 2008. There will be no event this year. We are sad to make this decision at this time but it could not be avoided as the title sponsor pulled out in the past week leaving little time to pursue a similar sponsor of the same caliber. In combination, there has been a lack of rental housing available on the northshore with the Maui County's crack down on transient vacation rentals, leaving many competitors and sponsors without a place to stay during the event. Hopefully both issues will be resolved for 2008 and we will be back on track. On the bright side, the existing sponsors for 2007 have agreed to come on board again for next year and for that we are very grateful. We thank you for your interest and look forward to bringing you the best windsurfing wave event in 2008!"

My friend just told me in his email that there is a real problem with accom on the North Shore now cos they cant get licences to rent. It seems this is coming from the locals themselves and quite alot of problems are being caused.