Just Tried my new Board

Just been out for a quick sail on my new Mistral Synchro 86 Pro Edition. Wind became a bit fluky but was out enough to get a good feel for the board. What's the difference compared to my last Synchro (83L)? Well being a pro edition you immediately feel it is much lighter. Also you feel the difference having a bit more volume even though its only 3 L more. What I noticed most is the quick acceleration - don't think I have sailed a board with such early planing before. Also it is much more sensitive - going into a tack the board is practically round before I have even got my back foot out of the straps! Also gybing you have to really keep it going on a broad reach once you have gybed the sail or the board quickly turns round into the wind. Interested to know what its like when I try a 360 - didnt attempt (NOTE the word ATTEMPT! Still havent managed to complete one yet!) a 360 today. Maybe I will finally manage one on this board.


PeconicPuffin said…
New boards are exciting! I've ordered a 77 liter board...it will be the smallest thing I've ever sailed.

Carve 360 tips: Don't start too aggressively (so you keep up speed) and don't step forward when you think you should...keeping your weight back helps the board pivot upwind at the end (it's one of the few moves I can do!)

Love the restored boat too!