Friday, September 28, 2007

Gozo Cultural Calendar - October

The following is the cultural calendar for Gozo in October:


Till 21st Oct. 'Colours vs. Line' Paintings by Maxine Attard and Graham Gurr at
the Exhibition Hall in Pjazza San Frangisk in Victoria

5-26th Oct Nadia Pavlova, an exhibition of paintings by this Russian artist at Banca
Giuratale in Victoria

7-31st Oct Repert Cefai's exhibition of abstract paintings at Art.....e Gallery, Library
Street Victoria

26Oct-Nov '6 collabor 8' a contemporary art exhibition of paintings, sculptures and
installations by 3 Maltese and 3 Austrian artists at the Crafts Centre,

Performing Arts:

6-13th Oct ''Kickass Playes for Woman'' a play organised by the Gozo Creative Theatre
Club directed by George Mizzi at ''il-Girna'' Triq Ta'Cenc, Sannat

13th Oct 'Forza del Destino' an opera by Giuseppe Verdi with participation of the
National Orchestra and foeign guest soloists at the Aurora Opera House

25-27th Oct 'Macbeth' an opera by Giuseppe Verdi with participation of the National
orchestra foreign guest soloists and acclaimed Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja
at the Astra Theatre in Victoria

Church Services:

7th Oct Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary - religious service and devotional
procession with the statue of Our Lady of the Rosary - Ss Peter and Paul
Basilica church in Nadur from 5pm on.
The same procession is held in various parishes throughout Gozo.

13-14th Oct Feast of St.Francis of Assisi - religious services and blessing of animals -
St. Anthony of Padova church Ghajnsielem at 10am

21-28th Oct Feast of the Holy Eucharist - religious service and devotional procession -
St. Joseph Parish church Qala from 4.30pm on

Traditional Feasts:

15-16th Oct Feast of Our Lady of Graces at the Franciscan Capuchins Church in Victoria

14th Oct Feast of Our Lady of Fatima at St. Lucy Church Santa Lucija, Kercem

Traditonal Events:

14th Oct ''Fjakkolata'' a traditional fire illumination organized by the Ghaqda Armar 13
ta' Dicembru - Ghar Ilma Hill limits of Santa Lucija, Kercem at 7pm


15th Oct 'The Durham ACF Borneo Band' from the UK in Military parade followed by
a concert in Triq Papa Gwanni Pawlu II Victoria at 7pm

28th Oct Band marches by the Mnarja Band of Nadur followed by a concert in
Independence Sq Victoria on the occasion of 'Gozo Day' in Commemmoration
of the Gozitan victory over the French in 1798 at 7pm

20th Oct 'The Gozo Youth Wind Band Showcase Spectacular' a concert featuring
sound to light effects for a selection of sound tracks and pop arrangements
and a selection of British music dedicated to the English residents in the
Maltese Islands. St. George;s Sq Victoria at 7.30pm

Malta Airshow/Aloha Classic 07 Cancelled

Last weekend was the airshow her in Malta. It takes place every year and there are always some good aerial displays. This year they chose to do the aerial display over St. Paul's Bay and the action happened to be right infront of where my parents live so we had the best view possible from their balcony.
Above was the most impressive plane for me (besides the usual F16 which is always great to watch). The above plane is a fire fighter and was actually one of the ones that helped out with the forest fires in Greece this summer. There were lots of demonstrations of the plane scooping the water out of the sea and releasing it etc. The impressive part was how manouvreable it is especially when you consider its laden with water that is sloshing around from one end to the other in the plane.

On another note just came across a Maui blog which had announcement. Already heard something about this from a friend of mine who is having a great time in Maui right now and windsurfing till he drops!

"2007 ALOHA CLASSIC WAVE CHAMPIONSHIPS POSTPONED TO 2008 Maui, HI - The 2007 Aloha Classic Wave Championships, scheduled for Nov 5 -17, has been postponed to 2008. There will be no event this year. We are sad to make this decision at this time but it could not be avoided as the title sponsor pulled out in the past week leaving little time to pursue a similar sponsor of the same caliber. In combination, there has been a lack of rental housing available on the northshore with the Maui County's crack down on transient vacation rentals, leaving many competitors and sponsors without a place to stay during the event. Hopefully both issues will be resolved for 2008 and we will be back on track. On the bright side, the existing sponsors for 2007 have agreed to come on board again for next year and for that we are very grateful. We thank you for your interest and look forward to bringing you the best windsurfing wave event in 2008!"

My friend just told me in his email that there is a real problem with accom on the North Shore now cos they cant get licences to rent. It seems this is coming from the locals themselves and quite alot of problems are being caused.

Adrenalin Rush

Surely this must be one of the biggest adrenalin rushes you can get if you are a sailor! What fun!
Got this off someones blog last week - cant remember whos though!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Xemxija Ridge Walk

The other day Iwent for a walk with my brother (who was out here for a few days) around Xemxija which was where we were brought up. We had a fantastic childhood. Xemxija in those days was very much an area where people came to pass the hot summer months here in Malta, but we lived there all year round and were virtually alone for most of the Xemxija was OURS! OUR TERRITORY - everyone else was trespassing! We had so much freedom and ofcourse it was very very safe. We used to be able to play in the middle of the road with no worry at all about being run over by a car - quite a different story today. Anyhow, we walked from my parents house in St. Paul's Bay and along down by Vecca where I took the above picture of one of the local fishing boats.
The carob tree above (known in Maltese as Harruba) was just one of our play areas behind our house going up to the ridge. The road up to the ridge is an old Roman road and the road is as it originally was with the same stones. Actually our road makers should take a walk up there cos I think they could learn a thing or two on how to make a road last and also about water drain off and catchment!

Above is a poem written about this particular carob tree.

The above pic is an old apiary going back to the Romans and beyond. Its preserved state is perfect. When we used to play up here all this area was totally overgrown with creepers growing over and hiding most of the apiary. Infact I can only remember a few holes in the wall leading to the bee hives. We used to go inside and hide and play but there were no wooden doors on there then.
The roman road is called Pilgrims Way and this led up to various caves and the punic tombs which are scattered over a section of the ridge. As you go past what we used to call ''Monkey Cave'' (our childhood headquarters!) you can see little crosses carved into the hillside. As kids we also used to find all sorts of pottery in the caves and I just cringe when I think we used to use it for target practice! Some of it was surely very very old. It's only recently that I discovered we used to play in punic tombs!!! There wasnt all the heritage and environmental awareness there is now.

The little chapel in Pwales. I remember a hermit type priest living there. Now I think they just have a monthly mass in it. It seems like its being kept in good condition.
So for my brother and I it was a real trip down memory lane and one to be treasured.
Hope the above has been of interest.
Location: Xemxija/Xemxija Ridge/Punic Tombs/Pwales - Malta

Friday, September 21, 2007

Malta Blog Posts

Have come across a couple of good general blog postings in Malta which make a light hearted and enjoyable read. If you have some time to spare go onto these links:


Below are a couple of videos from Youtube about hydrofoil surfing. A friend sent me a Youtube clip so had to look into it. Have seen quite a few things about it before but not really taken much notice. They seem to have advanced quite a bit in that field and looks pretty interesting though still think you have to have amazing balance for it. Looks like they even have hydrofoil wakeboarding!! Now thats real balance!

Hydrofoil Windsurfing

Hydrofoil Windsurfing

Hydrofoil Surfing

Hydrofoil Surfing

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Middle Sea Race 2007

The above pic was taken from the MSR site. Its an amazing photo of Strait Dealer. Not sure who actually took it - but its an award winning shot to me!

The build up to the Middle Sea Race 2007 is well under way. Race starts Saturday 20th October and there are already close to 50 yachts registered to take part. All of good quality and high standard. You can view the entrants list on

For those members of the public who are interested in watching the unique start (don't think there is anywhere in the world that has such a unique start line) on the 20th, I would suggest the Valletta side of Marsamxett Harbour rather than the Yacht Club side. It is easier to get to and not so many crowds. If you would rather be amongst the crush and hustle and bustle then go to Manoel Island side. Once the race has started you can then go to Pembroke (top of Bahar ic-Caghaq hill) to see them round the buoy and head out to sea towards Sicily. It really is a magnificent site. If its quite a strong wind then you may not see much by the time you get to Pembroke cos those boats are preeetty damn fast!

The biggest attraction to me is seeing how the large boats manage to manouevre along that short start line and, ofcourse, the beautiful historic back drop of the bastions.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Visits to my Sites

Just been going thru some statistics about visits to my blog and also my website - - and quite happy with the amount of visitors to my blog. In just under a year I have had over 3,000 visitors. This is more than I ever expected. I know viewership has gone down over summer cos I was unable to blog very much, so I have to work on that this Autumn and Winter to increase new viewers to my site and hold on to my 'regulars'.

As for the website I have had just over 2,000 visitors with 12,000 page views. I am a bit disappointed with the amount of visitors - I would have thought I should have had more visitors to my website than the blog. I am going to have to work on a few things to improve that - anyone out there got any advice how to reach more people re my website?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Computer

I have a new computer!! Finally our prehistoric tempramental old machine can go into retirement. The problem now is learning all the new and different stuff I can do on this one. I will slowly feel my way around and find out about all the magnificent things this wonder machine can do. I suppose its all the more to go wrong! When its new its soon as things start going wrong then its a monster and the worst lingo starts to come out! Let's hope that's not going to happen for a while.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Just Tried my new Board

Just been out for a quick sail on my new Mistral Synchro 86 Pro Edition. Wind became a bit fluky but was out enough to get a good feel for the board. What's the difference compared to my last Synchro (83L)? Well being a pro edition you immediately feel it is much lighter. Also you feel the difference having a bit more volume even though its only 3 L more. What I noticed most is the quick acceleration - don't think I have sailed a board with such early planing before. Also it is much more sensitive - going into a tack the board is practically round before I have even got my back foot out of the straps! Also gybing you have to really keep it going on a broad reach once you have gybed the sail or the board quickly turns round into the wind. Interested to know what its like when I try a 360 - didnt attempt (NOTE the word ATTEMPT! Still havent managed to complete one yet!) a 360 today. Maybe I will finally manage one on this board.

Restoration of a Classic Boat

I came across the restoration of the above boat Aphrodite on the following blog:

It gives a brief history of the boat and restoration work carried out on it.
I think she is a 'Beauty'. I have a particular interest in restoration of any sort really, but it has always been an ambition of mine to restore a classic wooden boat dating back to the 30's or around that era. Whether that ambition will materialise or not remains to be seen! The above link gives very interesting reading - even to those who are not really interested in motor boats.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Special Offers on Accommodation in Gozo

San Pupulju

Dar Ghax-Xemx neighbour!

Contact me through for off season offers in any of our

Gozo farmhouses (Casa rustica/farmhaus/affitto/ferme/vieille maison/


For friendly and helpful advice contact me through the above website!

Gozo Pictures

Just a few more images of last Saturday in Gozo. Forecast for tomorrow looking good with a strong North Westerly so we will be down surfing in Ghallis. There is a coolish nip in the air at the moment so thats a good omen for tomorrow. Also a welcome break from the hot weather. Temperatures have gone down slightly - around 32C so hopefully after the wind tomorrow they will steady at between 28-30C. Alot better than the 40C+ we have been having all summer.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Windsurfing Gozo

Going out for a rescue

Rescue fast and efficiently done

Daniel going for a Monkey Gybe

One of the Gozo surfers enjoying the conditions
Last Saturday brought a strong WNW wind. The Gozo surfers were surfing down at their club area. Just off the point is a reef which builds up to a big fast breaking wave. The conditions can be pretty wild and hairy there and the sea is pretty wild in itself being very deep where there is a massive drop off just beyond the reef.
The Gozo Sailing Club is a small club but a Club with a good community atmosphere and all there keen and willing to help when necessary. This really showed when one of the surfers broke his mast and needed rescuing before drifting too far down wind with the possibility of being flung onto the rocks. It was 'action stations' when they saw rescue was needed and the Club dinghy was launched into extremely rough conditions to help a fellow surfer. Rescue was fast and efficient and all came back safe within minutes. Unfortunately the sail was lost with the broken mast, but better that than a bad injury. With a bit of luck it may be washed ashore further downwind.
It was nice to see our eldest son, Daniel, out on the water. He doesn't get so much time out there now due to work but he had a good time and was still able to attempt his Monkey Gybes which he used to have off to a pat when he surfed more!
Throughout the week I shall be adding some more pics taken last Saturday.


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