Windsurfing Pictures

Riders: John and Chris in Mellieha and Ghallis-Malta
It is hot hot hot! Temperatures are once again around 40C and we are just sweltering here in Malta. It has been an awful summer.......just hot and no wind with the exception of a couple of days. So thought I would just share a couple of pics taken earlier in the year during those lovely cooler months. Maybe it would make me feel a little cooler! Right now the most comfortable place I can think of is lying in a chest freezer full of ice!
I have hardly done any blogging this summer. As a result my hits have gone right down but plan to correct that soon. There have been a 101 reasons for my lack of blogging but wont go into that...............also computer playing up and hope to have new one within a couple of weeks which should make life easier. Meanwhile all my faithful followers please leave a comment - need some encouragement that I still have a following!


PeconicPuffin said…
Keep the faith...your wind will return soon. It has to!