Tuna Fishing in Qbajjar - Gozo

Photos by Bunty of John catching Tuna in Gozo

We may not have any wind to go down windsurfing but last weekend was an excellent weekend for fishing. Quite a lot of fishermen were catching Tuna off the rocks on rods at Qbajjar in Gozo. Each one was around 2 kilos in size. Its very exciting to watch and also to catch ofcourse! John lost a couple on Saturday and also one early Sunday morning but finally managed to get one a short while after.
I filleted the fish, rolled it in seasoned flour and fried it - then poured lots of freshly squeezed lemon over it and it was delcious. Enough there to feed around 5 persons - big thick fillets! Yummy!
Wind forecast for next weekend lousy so hoping to get some more fish.