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Finally getting settled back into some sort of routine. Been a hectic time recently and totally by passed the Fuerte PWA event (you can read all about it on the PWA site). Also missed the only day+ of decent wind we have had in the past 3 weeks..................but never mind hopefully there will be more to come so I can try out my new board -Mistral Synchro 86 Pro Edition. It looks quite different from my present Synchro and certainly much lighter.
The Starboard Pro Kids competetion has come to an end and apparently full of amazing young talent. Pretty improssible to compete with these Caribbean kids I think. They even have a
0-7yrs class doing freestyle! The 10 year olds were doing amazing stuff too and the wind was just right for them being on the light side. Go onto the site to read all about it
Not much exciting stuff to write about just now. Summer here in Malta has been stifling with some temperatures above 40C. Haven't had a chance to enjoy the sea much and we haven't even got the boat in the water yet! September on is usually the best time for fishing so hopefully we will get the boat in and do some good fishing then.
Next week is the big feast of Santa Maria here. We will be up in Gozo for a couple of days enjoying the feast up there. I will hopefully get some good local culture photos then and post them on my blog.