Wind! Great Day W'Surfing!

It happens every time we go away. We come back and we have wind - great! And that first sail after we get back on 'home ground' is always so satisfying and one of the best sails you've had in a long time - no matter what good a time you have had surfing abroad. I suppose home is home.
So we had a lovely NW yesterday, started off a bit Northerly then veered a bit more to the West. It was great to be back on my equipment and more than anything to be using a light rig. I was out with a 4.5m pretty tightened up while the guys were out on 5's and John was on a 4.2m. It was also nice seeing so many of us out there on the water. There were about 20 of us out. By the end of the afternoon the swell had built up quite alot making great sailing out on the point. Nicer still there wasnt yet a shore break so it was easy getting out of the water (no soft sand where we sail in a NW just sharp jagged rocks with a tiny concrete platform to launch and get up from). After the heatwave that hit the Med recently the water is like a luke warm bath so sailing in rash vest and nothing else is nice and comfy.........errrrr re phrase .................sailing in rash vest and swimsuit!

Both Anton and John had a great time too. Anton, as usual, was like a bull on the water non stop at it the whole time. John had a great time putting into practice some of the stuff he learned in Rhodes and pulled off some good stuff on his 78l wave board including successful Geckos, Vulcans, other stuff which I have no idea what they are called (!) and also did several front loop attempts which he managed to get round on but crashed out on the landing. Then finally he had a big crash (not quite sure what happened) and the mast smashed onto the nose of his boards smashing the front of the board completely - the whole front 20cm or so is badly damaged, so right now its on its nose drying out before a major repair job takes place!! My nose (of my face not my board) is a bit worse for wear after I got a big knock by the boom when flipping the boom over to do a duck gybe (which ofcourse was unsuccessful!). The swelling is a bit evident this morning! Daniel also managed to get out on the water in Mellieha for a quick sail after work. That's what is so nice in the summer months is that the days are nice and long so one can get a late sail in if getting away from work is a problem.

The really good news....................Looks like more wind on its way next week!


PeconicPuffin said…
Send some of that wind over here! I would LOVE to get on a 4.5 sail, as it's been pretty light lately.

Did you get my note about putting links in your blog? I emailed it.