Pozo Still Rocks but Malta Rocking Too!

Dario Ojeda Photo from PWA site

Well Pozo seems to be really living up to its name in every way with literally everybody giving all they've got. One wonders just how much more can they improve!? The girls seem to be impressive as the lads too.

Meanwhile in little old Malta we had a great day on the water too. There was some pretty big swell on the outside and it was such a sight to see the turquoise colour of the water and be able to see 'into the wave' with so much clarity as it broke. I suppose that is a really good sign cos it shows how clean the water is.

I really enjoyed my sail and my kit was tuned up so I was extremely comfortable. Also put on one of John's freestyle fins and the board worked so much better than with the fin supplied. I find the Mistral fins that come with the Synchro 83 too big for me. OK in lighter wind but in 4.5 weather they are uncomfortable. Maybe its just my style of sailing, but had no problems with a small freestyle fin yesterday. Was trying the old 360's yet again yesterday - had a couple that were close but I have a bad habit of laying the sail down too low, then when I bring it up a bit it seems to be too high then slams into my face. Usual probelms I suppose. Today looks like we may get a sail in too. Just hope the wind holds so we get a couple of hours in at least.