Phots by Bunty. Top L Jem , right John Vulcan and bottom John going for a forward

At last sorted out my pics and am getting down to writing a report on our trip to Prasonisi in Rhodes in June.

Our main reason for going was so that our 15 year old son, John, could take part in another windsurfing freestyle camp/clinic. He enjoyed the one he attended with Chris Pressler in Fuerte so much (and gained so much) that we thought it would definitely be the best thing to do.......besides getting in some good windsurfing ourselves ofcourse - another very important factor! June was the only time we could travel this year and after doing some research Jem Hall
seemed the obvious answer. Jem had very good reports and also the location suited us really well - not too far and we had been to Prasonisi 6 years ago and had a brilliant time.

As far as the clinic goes it was excellent. Jem tears you to bits (no matter how good you think you are!) he starts from the basics ie stance, hand and feet positioning etc. If the wind is no good no problem. You get out there with big board and small sail and do alot of lightwind training from helitacks to upwind 360's etc. All exercises giving you confidence, flexibility and going thru the motions over and over again in slow motion - all preparation for doing the same trick in stronger wind and also for future more advanced freestyle. The coaching is intensive from when you wake up in the morning till you go to bed at night. Video time, talking etc etc. Jem really motivates the surfer and, jokes and fooling around apart (!), he also praises your good points which is so important to boost a surfers confidence. Sometimes really welcome after you have felt all you have done is fall into the water all day long.

As for John - when we came back from Fuerte we said he went a little boy but came back surfing like a man. After this trip I would say he went knowing basic freestyle tricks but came back not only being able to do more advanced freestyle (and also going for front loops) but with volumes of new technique knowledge plus the knowledge to be able to carry on advancing on his own practicing and trying out new tricks. Also, after coming back to Malta and sailing in the waves, we can immediately see the difference all he has learned has made to his wave sailing.

John has always been interested in speed and while there he used the GPS to monitor how fast he was going on some fast slalom equipment. He came back very happy after managing to get the best speed for June. His speed is recorded on on the Hall of Fame for June 07.

As for us - the wind was not as good as the last time we visited Prasonisi but one could sail every day nevertheless so not complaining. I sailed mostly with 5.4m and 5.8m while Anton sailed 5.8m or 6.2m. All much bigger sail sizes than we normally use - also boards were bigger than we are used to. Mostly on the JP Freestyle Wave 102L though I did get a couple of good sessions on the 85L. The wave side was nowhere like it was on our last visit but we still enjoyed the lumpy conditions - apart from the plastic bags (instant braking system) that gathered in the far corner. The channel of water connecting the wave side to the flat side was not open this time so we had to carry our equipment across the sand bar each time - needed a rest after hauling the stuff across I can tell you! But all in all we had a great time and most of all we met some smashing people that were doing Jem's course - and we got know Jem too which was great.

Prasonisi has remained the same except there are double the amount of people that go there now.

Our next windsurfing trip? Have no idea where or when yet but hopefully we will manage one sometime next year.