Prasonisi Rhodes

I have finally managed to get to a computer. I thought there was going to be access to computers in Prasonisi but as it turns out they have Wi-fi but you have to take along your own laptop. So have not been able to keep a diary of the holiday on my blog.
Anyhow, having a good time though wind conditions could be alot better. Been very different from our last visit which gave us pretty good wind and some decent waves too. Waves have been more like ripples this time and the wind coming and going. Last Wednesday was the best with a good steady wind for most of the day and some good sailing on both sides of the sand bar.
John has got on brilliantly with Jem Hall and his clinic. Jem is a great coach and really motivates the surfers - a real character too! We cant believe the amount John has learnt since he has been here. Doing all sorts of things now - cleaned up his volcans, doing upwind 360's, trying spocks and also going for forwards now too though hasnt sailed away from one yet - loads more other stunts which I have no idea what they are called! Jem seems to be very happy with him and impressed how quick he learns. Well, at 15 you learn really quick and there isn't the fear factor. We had a great group of guys week 1 and everyone seemed to just click immediately regardless of what age - and the age group was pretty varied.
Food is good! Very important!
Prasonisi has basically remained the same as it was 6 years ago. Only difference is that the Fanatic centre has got bigger and there is now a Naish/RRD centre too. AND it has become a mini Poland. I would say that 90% of people there are Polish - that includes the instructors too!
I'll be home on the 29th and will catch up with lots of pics and more news.


PeconicPuffin said…
Oh to be 15! Sounds like a great clinic.