Going Back in Time

''The Pig'' - this was the first board that Anton made back in probably around 1980. It
was practically 3m long and pretty bulky as you can see from the pic. In those days you
either had a 6m sail for racing or a 'storm sail' which was around 4.6m for those windier

I can't remember exactly what boards we were using here - must have been early 90's. Notice how far forward the mast foot was!

Hah! OK......how not to gybe! I loved this board - again early 80's I think. It was a Sailboard295 - the rage here in Malta at the time and considered a really short board. It was a great board. Notice the pointed look of the front end of the boom, also how much space between the clue and the boom end. Is my weight far back or what?? Also - look how I am looking down! Hope I have improved since then.

This board was just so cool. My own custom made built by Anton. It was basically a take off of the Sailboard 295 but slightly shorter. A really exaggerated double concave and custom design paint job- looked like the board was covered in amoebas! All sails in Malta at the time were made by Anton and his sailmaker - notice the cutaway at the bottom of the sail. Excellent sails
for their time. My harness was like a complete body thing. Cool wetsuit eh? White! That was given to me by the then Sailboard World Champion Emma Stehle, I was so happy with it that I wore it till it fell to pieces.

Peconic Puffin has been coming out with some really nostalgic pics lately bringing back alot of old but good memories, so thats why I decided to delve deep into the photo box and pick out some old pics.


PeconicPuffin said…
The boards and sails look pretty wild! I like the square nose on the one board, and does one of the sails have a cut-out below the boom?
Bunty said…
Yes, that was quite a trade mark style then. Very helpful with duck gybes!