Fun Race

John sailing Ghallis about a month ago

Yesterday, Paul from the Adira Sailing Centre, organised a fun long distance race round the Tuna farms and back. A couple of other races have been held in which John has taken part but not done well due to not enough wind to get the Formula board planing. Nevertheless, he still enjoyed joining in the fun. Yesterday there was a moderate to strong south easterly which was perfect for the Formula board and John had a great time. He was either ahead or on a par with the Hobie Tiger and was aiming at trying to beat it in, but the wind dropped on entering the bay so the Hobie had an advantage over him. The other windsurfers were on Mistral Prodigies so in the stronger wind were at a disadvantage and came in quite a while after John. Not sure if I have got the timing right but think his lead was an hour+.

We used to do a heck of alot of racing back in the 'old days' but its all recreational now. There 's a small handful of surfers who would like to start up racing again so maybe it will finally get going.