San Pupulju in Bloom

The geraniums and cactii are all almost at their prime right now. The flowers are such a pretty sight, especially when you open the door at San Pupulju and there infront of you you is a sea of lovely geraniums and cactus flowers. The sad thing about cactii is that they flower for such a short time each year and then look very drab for the rest of the year! Some of the flowers (which are exceptionally beautiful)last just a few hours! I haven't got very 'green fingers' so my plants have to be pretty hardy and more or less fend for themselves.............but I try......sort of! I took the pic of the plant above yesterday. It was a very dull sticky day with the air full of dust from the Sahara (yet again), but I think the picture brings out how vivid the colour of the little flowers is.


chumly said…
I enjoyed all your pictures, thank you.