Safety Tip

I have just read about a guy who got well and truly stuck after catapulting. To read about it and see how you can avoid the same thing happening to you go onto this link

Windsurfing is a pretty safe sport - especially if you go by the standard safety procedures, but there are occasions when something happens that you would have never dreamed could happen. So its good to learn from other peoples experiences.

Another issue is right of way on the water. Wave sailing there is a standard code but on flat water no-one seems to know (unless you are sailor in the proper sense of the word and not just a surfer with no racing or sailing knowledge!) who has right of way. If one just kept to the basic starboard right of way rule then there is no question about who has right of way when two people are heading for a head on collision at great speed. When we travel abroad to go windsurfing we encounter so much of the ''I am on holiday get out of my way'' attitude - this really makes my blood boil. Simple curtesy can go so far on the water cos that extends to when you are on land as a smile and give or take on the water often leads to a pleasant conversation with the same person on the beach which then leads to making new friends and acquaintances and so on.

So....................the moral of the story? Play hard but safe, be nice and everyone can have fun!


PeconicPuffin said…
For right of way, I always assume that the other windsurfer is confused, so I adjust course early to make it easy for them to get by. Why not?

Kites are trickier, as they take up so much water space. I've heard it suggested that if the kiter appears to be going downwind, they may not yet have the skill to control their course, so best just to jibe or tack and get away from them.
Bunty said…
I agree totally. Even if I do have right of way I make sure I leave a clear path just to be safe. As for the kites I avoid them like the plague because (and I hate to say this - no offence to anyone)unfortunately the average 'Joe Bloggs' kiters do not seem to be able to anticipate what a windsurfer is going to do, whereas a windsurfer can usually anticipate what a kiter is going to do. I know I stand to be corrected, and those kiters with previous windsurfing or sailing knowledge will disagree - but then that type of kiter will know the wind and what he is doing anyway. OOOH.........having read that back all sounds rather confusing!