Prasonisi - nearly there

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Well, we're getting closer to our windsurfing holiday in Prasonisi, but the wind situation is looking a bit worrying. Hopefully by mid June the reliable Meltemi wind will have set in nicely.
Unfortunately I read a small bit in the English Windsurf magazine that with all the weather changes that have been occurring (ie Global Warming) the Meltemi is also being affected. Well, the weather, certainly here in Malta and all over from what I can see, this year has been very unusual with the weather pattern being totally different. We are hoping that it will affect our windless summers here in Malta and perhaps increase our windsurfing days during these hot months. That would be great! We wouldn't have to spend a fortune to go away to windsurf in the summer if that happens! Right now its fingers crossed we will have good wind whilst we are there.


Heres to fair winds...

I figured out what was wrong with my 'post comments' I run in fire fox and you use IE... there was a code line to the background picture I put in that IE couldn't read... all fixed now, thanks for the input.
Tatiana Howard said…
hope you got some good wind!