Good Day on the Water

Me doing a very UNgraceful one handed gybe - showing my 'better end'!

Jurgen sailing 'the Hog'

John trying clew first Vulcan

Jurgen with 'the hog'
Had a good day yesterday at Ghallis with NW force 5-6. A bit gusty at first but steadied later on. Nice and warm and good to be wearing a shorty .


PeconicPuffin said…
I can't do the hand dip jibes, so your one-hander looks pretty good to me! Nice paint job on the "hog" as well...
Bunty said…
"Jurgen' - real name Andrew - loves building stuff and has a new project each canoes, cats, boards and now I think his next project is a skiff if I heard correctly....(Jurg correct me on this one if I'm worng!). His stuff is made to last. 'The Hog' weighs about 12 kilos (!) - but once he gets going on it he moves and jumps! Great guy, great character, always have a good laugh and the surf scene here wouldn't be the same without him.
Tatiana Howard said…
how can you be jealous..look at this sailing..looks fun! :) another good day windsurfing!!
Fernando Olmos said…
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It's the first time i check a blog from your country, and yours is really cool and awesome. it's terrific!
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jurgen said…
Hi Bunt, yep one skiff in the oven and up to now its looking as good as John`s pasta (not his cleaning up). Just got one of Anton`s Tushingham sails and I`m dieing to try it out. Its a 7.8 twin cam very nice shape (just like Angelina Jolie) and lots of belly (just like me). Also got a Rushwind 6.5m.I`ve got to keep away from your husband`s shop its difficult to go there and not buy anything as he`s got too many nice toys for sale. Well now I suspended my work on the skiff to get my other stuff ready for Summer hang loose pray for wind and see you on the water ciao.
P.S. Have you ever realised Bunt that you form the entire female surfing population south of Sicily , now that is something not even Britt Dunkerbeck could claim eh see you ciao