Blog Hits

Just been onto Peconic Puffins blog and noted that he has entered his 100th post and had 20,000 viewings....................pretty good going. So this made me curious and just had to check statistics on mine - ok not been going so long, just a few months - this will be my 114th post (which means I must ramble on far more than Peconic does!) and have had 1,958 visits. Now not sure how that works out ratio wise comparing period of time had the blog etc. Have to say am pretty impressed with the figure of Peconics 20,000 viewings. Though I am feeling pretty satisfied with my blog results and have had lots of positive feedback from friends and other bloggers. Very happy to see that a fair percentage of people get onto my blog thru Continent Seven - terrific!

Something more forecast! The next week is looking extremely promising and the wind is finally changing direction to the more predominant westerly direction. According to Windfinder we can expect 4 to 5's over the weekend with wind increasing to 6es after that thru most of next week. Fingers crossed it holds. If so hopefully Rebecca will be behind her camera and get some good shots in Ghallis. To see weather forecast go onto this link


PeconicPuffin said…
Nice wave!

I think I get so many visits because for whatever reason my posts show up in Google a lot.

I don't think the number of visits is as important as the number of people who visit more than once, because that means they liked something. I know I check out your site all the time!

Have a good looks like you're getting great wind!