Bethany Hamilton - An Inspiration

Feeling down? Low? A loser? Whatever? Just read about Bethany Hamilton and she will inspire you in every way. Talk about courage, gutsy and every other word in the dictionary with the same meaning. I took this little bit about her from Peconic Puffins blog - its an older post but I have just come across it after a bit of browsing thru the blog:

''Inspired by a great photo of her on The Horse's Mouth I did a little web surfing on Bethany Hamilton. If "Bethany" isn't enough for you, she's the teen surfer who at age 13 lost her left arm to a tiger shark. Her response was to display so much Right Stuff that Chuck Yeager surely pumped his fist in the air, when ten weeks later she was back in competition!
Wetass Chronicles proclaimed "Her name should be incorporated into surf lingo, to describe a jaw-dropping recovery, as in: "Dude, he was going to face plant on the coral, but pulled a Bethany and shot the tube to daylight!''


I agree that is some girl there.