Thursday, May 31, 2007

Couple of Late Sails

Photo: Bunty on Mistral Synchro 83 and 5m NP sail in Ghallis mid May 07. Photo by Rebecca.

Had a couple of late afternoon sails yesterday and the day before. Westerly wind so sailed in the Bay here in Mellieha. Sailed both days on Mistral Joker with Tushingham 6m. Wednesday was coming down in channels but wind really got up yesterday for about an hour and ended up overpowered with the 6m.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Prasonisi - nearly there

Photo from

Well, we're getting closer to our windsurfing holiday in Prasonisi, but the wind situation is looking a bit worrying. Hopefully by mid June the reliable Meltemi wind will have set in nicely.
Unfortunately I read a small bit in the English Windsurf magazine that with all the weather changes that have been occurring (ie Global Warming) the Meltemi is also being affected. Well, the weather, certainly here in Malta and all over from what I can see, this year has been very unusual with the weather pattern being totally different. We are hoping that it will affect our windless summers here in Malta and perhaps increase our windsurfing days during these hot months. That would be great! We wouldn't have to spend a fortune to go away to windsurf in the summer if that happens! Right now its fingers crossed we will have good wind whilst we are there.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bethany Hamilton - An Inspiration

Feeling down? Low? A loser? Whatever? Just read about Bethany Hamilton and she will inspire you in every way. Talk about courage, gutsy and every other word in the dictionary with the same meaning. I took this little bit about her from Peconic Puffins blog - its an older post but I have just come across it after a bit of browsing thru the blog:

''Inspired by a great photo of her on The Horse's Mouth I did a little web surfing on Bethany Hamilton. If "Bethany" isn't enough for you, she's the teen surfer who at age 13 lost her left arm to a tiger shark. Her response was to display so much Right Stuff that Chuck Yeager surely pumped his fist in the air, when ten weeks later she was back in competition!
Wetass Chronicles proclaimed "Her name should be incorporated into surf lingo, to describe a jaw-dropping recovery, as in: "Dude, he was going to face plant on the coral, but pulled a Bethany and shot the tube to daylight!''

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Message for Paula the Surf Mum

Hey Paula! How the heck do I comment on your new blog layout?? I know my computer literacy is limited, but have clicked on practically everything on your page and still have not managed. No comments please at my stupidity!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Safety Tip

I have just read about a guy who got well and truly stuck after catapulting. To read about it and see how you can avoid the same thing happening to you go onto this link

Windsurfing is a pretty safe sport - especially if you go by the standard safety procedures, but there are occasions when something happens that you would have never dreamed could happen. So its good to learn from other peoples experiences.

Another issue is right of way on the water. Wave sailing there is a standard code but on flat water no-one seems to know (unless you are sailor in the proper sense of the word and not just a surfer with no racing or sailing knowledge!) who has right of way. If one just kept to the basic starboard right of way rule then there is no question about who has right of way when two people are heading for a head on collision at great speed. When we travel abroad to go windsurfing we encounter so much of the ''I am on holiday get out of my way'' attitude - this really makes my blood boil. Simple curtesy can go so far on the water cos that extends to when you are on land as a smile and give or take on the water often leads to a pleasant conversation with the same person on the beach which then leads to making new friends and acquaintances and so on.

So....................the moral of the story? Play hard but safe, be nice and everyone can have fun!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Dar Ghax-Xemx Roof Terrace

Our roof terrace is now complete with the option of a nice sitting area sheltered from the sun or a sunny area to lie out if you prefer to bask in it! From the terrace there are lovely views up to Gelmus Hill (during Festa time this is where the fireworks are let off from - so you can BBQ and watch the impressive display in pure comfort). On the other side you have a view up to the historic Citadella - the Cathedral and bastions are lit up at night allowing you to feel part of the rich cultural heritage that Malta and Gozo has to offer.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Flat Calm

This is what the bay (Mellieha Bay) looked like a couple of mornings ago. Looks like its time to get the wakeboarding gear out!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Late Wind

Haven't done any blogging this past week but plan to do so in the next day or two. Right now I'm 'outa here' cos the wind is settling in (coming up late today) and will go down for a late sail in Ghallis soon. John said the kiters are going down there long as they dont mess up the point I dont mind! They cant sail behind the island cos if they lose their kite they've had it. The kiters rarely show their faces in Ghallis cos the rocks are razor sharp, no sand and very awkward launching and getting out for a windsurfer let alone a kiter. But its one hell of place to sail on a good day!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Good Day on the Water

Me doing a very UNgraceful one handed gybe - showing my 'better end'!

Jurgen sailing 'the Hog'

John trying clew first Vulcan

Jurgen with 'the hog'
Had a good day yesterday at Ghallis with NW force 5-6. A bit gusty at first but steadied later on. Nice and warm and good to be wearing a shorty .

Saturday, May 05, 2007

San Pupulju in Bloom

The geraniums and cactii are all almost at their prime right now. The flowers are such a pretty sight, especially when you open the door at San Pupulju and there infront of you you is a sea of lovely geraniums and cactus flowers. The sad thing about cactii is that they flower for such a short time each year and then look very drab for the rest of the year! Some of the flowers (which are exceptionally beautiful)last just a few hours! I haven't got very 'green fingers' so my plants have to be pretty hardy and more or less fend for themselves.............but I try......sort of! I took the pic of the plant above yesterday. It was a very dull sticky day with the air full of dust from the Sahara (yet again), but I think the picture brings out how vivid the colour of the little flowers is.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Blog Hits

Just been onto Peconic Puffins blog and noted that he has entered his 100th post and had 20,000 viewings....................pretty good going. So this made me curious and just had to check statistics on mine - ok not been going so long, just a few months - this will be my 114th post (which means I must ramble on far more than Peconic does!) and have had 1,958 visits. Now not sure how that works out ratio wise comparing period of time had the blog etc. Have to say am pretty impressed with the figure of Peconics 20,000 viewings. Though I am feeling pretty satisfied with my blog results and have had lots of positive feedback from friends and other bloggers. Very happy to see that a fair percentage of people get onto my blog thru Continent Seven - terrific!

Something more forecast! The next week is looking extremely promising and the wind is finally changing direction to the more predominant westerly direction. According to Windfinder we can expect 4 to 5's over the weekend with wind increasing to 6es after that thru most of next week. Fingers crossed it holds. If so hopefully Rebecca will be behind her camera and get some good shots in Ghallis. To see weather forecast go onto this link


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