Westerly in Mellieha

Had a good sail in the bay yesterday afternoon. It was nice cos wind was much more than expected and quite a few people were down. Full down blasting but quite a chop. Had 4.5 NP Search and my Synchro 83 . Gybes pretty hairy and had some face smashing wipe outs - my brain was totally flushed out! Good fun. Unfortunately the wind that was meant to come tomorrow and Saturday has fizzled away and doesnt look good for next week - bad for us but good for the tourists!


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Yeah same thing here: good tourist day = bad surf day
PeconicPuffin said…
I like your attitude about wild conditions! We had a day like that yesterday as well...too much chop for anything but survival jibes, but good jumping, good falling, and great fun!
Bunty said…
One has to make the most of what gets.....no point grumbling......though sometimes after a bad session I can get pretty grumpy......but thats usually cos I dont feel as agile as I used to be a few years ago! Age??? Say no more!