Great Grigal!

Goran flying high


Gamblu before...............

.................and Gamblu after!

I was stuck up 'on the hard' for a few days due to a small op and so the wind I have been waiting for had to come just at the time when I couldn't go into the water - Sods law so they say! Therefore I grabbed Rebeccas camera and played at being photographer for a while until Rebecca arrived on the scene and grabbed the camera back! Have to admit though that she is a far better photographer than I am so perhaps that was for the best!! Here are a few of the pics taken. Wind direction was ENE force 6 average. According to the surfers sea/waves were very confused coming from all directions but seemed to get better as the day wore on.


PeconicPuffin said…
Get better fast! Love the shot of the snapped board, though that can't be fun if it's your board and you need to get back to the beach.
Bunty said…
Actually he knew it was going and had just bought a new board so he decided to take it out to give it its last lease of life before trying his new board! It lasted longer than expected - we thought it would go after the first jump but he must have sailed for about half an hour before it went mid air!