Windy Week

Rider:Anton Photo by:Bunty

Had a windy week this week - mostly west/south-westerlies. John made the most of the conditions which were ideal for trying out and practicing freestyle. He is inches from doing his first Vulcan and actually managed to complete one but then immediately got catapulted! They're coming along though and think he said he managed a no handed 360.

This week (which was the start of spring) brought the coldest weather we have had this year, so we had our winter for a couple of days this week!! The air has warmed up again with a light southerly wind today and lots of sunshine over the past couple of days. Also had some rain last week which was very welcome since the Island needs it so badly.

Next week looks promising with some Easterly winds on their way for mid week. That's the direction I like the best cos its nice sailing in the bay off the sandy beach in the surf.

Fingers crossed for a good week ahead.


PeconicPuffin said…
Great photo! The conditions look exciting. And a no-handed 360 sounds amazing.