PWA Cape Verde Islands

My husband has been telling me for the past two days to go into the PWA site to see the pics of the event in Cape Verde. Well I just did and have to say I have never seen such fantastic pics - not just what the guys are doing and the wave conditions, but the quality of the photos is amazing. I'm not 100% sure but pretty sure they are by John Carter who is probably the no. 1 photographer when it comes to windsurfing photography (I presume surfing too). The conditions in Cape Verde are meant to be excellent - no wonder Josh Angulo has become a local there now. Big waves and offshore wind. Don't think they have ever had a wave event like it. Its worth going into the site and seeing the pics. Click on the link below to do so. The above pic is taken from the PWA site and the rider is Spaniard Jonas Ceballos.