Looking Ahead to May

Picture from Malta Vista

As usual there is a full cultural calendar coming up. Looking ahead into May there is going to be a very exciting weekend in Victoria.

18-20th May ''Cittadella'' - A festival of arts and heritage. A 3 day programme of events to take place within the fortified walls of the Grand Castle. Participation of a number of local and international performers.

19th May - ''Lejliet Lapsi'' - Notte Gozitana, a remarkable night of activity throughout the town of Victoria with the possibility of visiting major sites in the Town. Starting from 6pm till the early hours of Sunday 20th May.

The "Notte Gozitana'' should be particularly interesting. Houses and alley ways will be lit up with various activities going on all over the town. They have recently done two events like this in Valletta which were both a success beyond anyones expectations - popular with both the young and the older generation.

Right now we have vacancies in our properties for that weekend. This will surely get booked up very quickly so don't leave booking till the last minute.


PeconicPuffin said…
It all looks quite beautiful, and very different from where I am (New York.)

When does your windsurfing season start? If it's already started, have you yourself started sailing again?

Bunty said…
Our season is all year since we have very mild winters and this winter has been the mildest on record I think. Though the best time for wind is winter and spring. Dont get so much in summer just a few odd days over force 4/5 and afternoon breezes. Autumn is not very reliable either but winter and spring are usually very good but the weather pattern seems to be changing (as it seems to be all over the world) so its difficult to know what to expect for the next season.