Theres a pretty good bit of footage on Youtube by Jem Hall of windsurfing in Prasonisi, Rhodes. Prasonisi is a brilliant place - really out in the middle of nowhere (so you have to either be a total windsurfer or sun worshipper!). It is ideal for any level of surfer whether beginner or advanced and as it is on sandbar you have flat water on one side and waves on the other. Went there in 2001 and had a brilliant time sailing every day for 2 weeks except for a couple of days. Going again in June and John doing a clinic with Jem Hall. Can't wait!

To see some action go onto this link http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jemhall


Rhodes in Greece? cool
Bunty said…
Yes, its a brilliant place with a great atmosphere. The Greek Islands in general are a magical place for us - we just love them thats why we keep going back.