Nice Wind

Just got back from a couple of hours in Ghallis. Really nice - just wish I wasn't feeling so unfit right now, but felt much better the last half hour out on the water. Went out with NP Search 4.5m but then changed down to the 4m as the wind came up and had a very comfortable sail. Wish I could have stayed longer but had to take my son to a private lesson:( Looks like we have some more wind coming this week so should feel better after a couple of days windsurfing. If only we had trade winds here or a reliable wind like the Meltemi in the Greek Islands in summer. Maybe the answer is to emigrate to one of these locations!?!
John was out on the water too and pulled off a couple of nice back loop attempts and was trying to master the freestyle move the ''Gecko''. He managed pretty well on most attempts I saw and the best one I saw him do he managed to get three quarters the way round. That's a really cool move.
Saw Chris do a really nice table top with some nice height too.
Was surprised that not more people came down - was expecting a big crowd today but there were only about 8 of us down.