Gozo Sailing Club Calendar 2007

Below is the sailing and events calendar for the Gozo Sailing Club for 2007. If you want to go into their website log onto www.gozosailingclub.gitd.net

March 17th - Pasta night (that's a good start to the season!)

April 22nd-Zebbug Local Council races in Qbajjar

May 6th-Arkadia Races (1st race)

June 3rd-Round Comino (Qala Local Council - 1st race)

24th-Arkadia Races (2nd race)

July 7th-BBQ (venue to be confirmed)

7-8th-Optimist beginners course

21-22nd-Adult sailing course

29th-Round Comino Race (FXB races)

Aug 12th-Aman family sailing day. Sailing, windsurfing for all ages. Evening meal to follow.

19th-Arkadia Races (3rd race)

25th-BBQ (venue to be confirmed)

Sept 2nd- Round Comino Race (Gozo Arts sponsor - 3rd race)

23rd-BOV Races

Oct 14th-Dinghy Sailing Races

28th-''Clean Up'' day

Dec 1st-Annual General Meeting at the NGO in Xewkija

21st-Christmas Dinner (venue to be announced)

So thats the calendar but inbetween those dates you will find people down at Qbajjar sailing on the weekends or wherever it is best to sail from depending on the wind.