Good Day

Just got back from a good session on the water. Was with 5m NP Search and my Synchro83 with a small 21 fin. This morning was really windy but died down a bit by the time I got down - also a bit of North in it too - but the wind picked up again while on the water and was very well powered up. A really nice wind to play around and improve basics and try out some stuff - also was perfect for getting back into it all cos last time was feeling very uncomfortable.
There was a young German guy who has been here on holiday this week - he was really good doing some nice backs and forwards and some cool advanced freestyle tricks like spocks, flakas, vulcans and stuff I have no idea what they are called.........whatever! If only we could have a few days in a row like today. Thats the problem when our wind relies on the fronts. Shame we dont have trades here.