Windy week

Its been a pretty windy week here in Malta and the temperatures have finally gone down - around 16C. Though sea is still pretty warm at 19C. Got some fun sailing in beginning of the week. Yesterday started off windy but changed to a lousy direction creating a large swell and confused sea and thats about it! Today looks more hopeful and hope to get a bit of waves in down the coast at Ghallis. If its not good down there then it will be flat water conditions in the bay ideal for fooling around.
Pics are by Bunty of John on his Fanatic Formula board with 7.8m Tushingham sail a couple of weeks back and John earlier in the week down in the bay (Mellieha Bay) using the Mistral Joker and NP 5m search.
Hey why is it always me that has to be photographer??


Becky said…
Cool blog Xiha! :)