Summer in Gozo

One of the real 'fun' times to go on holiday in Gozo is during the feasts of San George and Santa Maria in Victoria.
We are not great 'Festa' people but last summer we spent those times in our new self-catering accommodation in Victoria, Gozo and we just had the time of our lives. The house being practically a few paces from all the activity made it very convenient to be able to come and go as you please. From the roof terrace we bbq-d whilst having a fantastic view of the fireworks being let off from Gelmus hill. Later on we joined in the fun of walking with the lively band and getting into the celebrationary atmosphere then watched the fireworks on the stands in the piazza at the bottom of the alley. The following day we were invited by neighbours to go up onto their balcony in their house down the alley to watch the band and procession pass by while we threw balloons and confetti (see picture). Then there are the horse races that take place in thet main road leading up to the main piazza. We really got into the spirit of it all and it was great fun!


Ok how is the surf in Malta?
Bunty said…
Well we dont have ocean swell in the Med so the waves come with the wind and the weather fronts. For actual surfing the day after the wind is usually the best - so if you windsurf and surf you can enjoy the best of both worlds!