Ghallis - Friday

Friday was a good day, just too overpowered! Pretty big day at Ghallis. Lovely waves on the ponta but my 4m was too big most of the time. When the guys are over with their 4.5's then I am definitely over on the 4! Bearing off on the outside was near impossible for me without being catapulted board and all so mostly had to do a 'plop' gybe just so I didn't have to be carried home on a stretcher. Shore break was quite big at times and getting back up had to be timed with the sets coming in and helpful lads on the moll to grab my gear for me before being ripped to shreds on the rocks. Love sailing in Ghallis but when it gets over a certain wind force and the shore break gets big I wish our shore line was one long line of sandy beach instead of razor sharp rocks!

As for Gamblu - well........he had so much height he had time to phone air traffic control to get permission to land! usual he showed us all how to do those great lay down sail low bottom turns. Jacques......gave us a good demonstration on the best way how to come in slicing the gelcoat covering of your board in one easy slice on the rocks. Austin lost the top of his sail on the outside but managed to struggle in which was lucky as it could have been a pretty nasty dilemma - a question of what do I do? Abandon my rig or wait for the helicopter??

Good fun.


Jon said…
Be very careful and stay clear from Ghallis point though. For she does not yet rest. Avoid dusk and night in the area if you care for your life.

Sincere regards

Baron Ironblood
Bunty said…
Not sure what that comment is meant to mean!! Fortunately here in Malta is still a very safe place.