Fridays seem to be good days lately windwise. Yesterday wasn't sure what locaton to choose. Wind seemed very west and looking out the bay couldnt see much in the way of big swell. Was going to stay in the bay in Mellieha and fool around on the flat water especially since the Gozo sailors had come down again (starting to become a regular thing for them which is great fun). Then wind changed more NW so didnt want to give up a day on the waves so went down to Ghallis. But the wind direction veers down there now due to our 'manmade mountain' - sometimes it improves the wind but yesterday it just made it too SW at times and very shifty. Went down with Neil Pryde 4.5m and my Synchro 83 - sailed out thru the Island and although waves were small they were nice and steep but wind all over the place. Was a bit pushed for time so decided if its was shifty I would rush back up again to Mellieha. Which I did and went down in the Bay with my Gozo companions. Had a blast with 5m really tightened - eventually when it was time for me to pack up wind got up at times when I would need a 4m but held on with the 5m making the gybes pretty hairy! Probably got really good at Ghallis at that time I imagine. Just enjoy being out on the water so much - next week doesnt look very promising.