Clayton flying high with his kite (Photo by Rebecca)

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Malta and we were blessed with some wind! It was blowing a south east and I was out with a 5.5m Tushingham sail and nicely powered up most of the time. I am so impressed with the Tushingham sails - the 5.5m feels more like a 5m it's so soft and light in your hands and it goes well with my Mistral Synchro 83. Took a beat out of the bay beyond the first reef and had a great blast reaching back in then played around in the surf a while. We had a good 3 hours on the water and felt pleasantly relaxed after a nice hot bath in the evening. Let's hope that the season is now beginning to kick in and we will have a good winter. The weather is still unbelievably mild. I mean I wore a shorty again yesterday! Middle December..........water still around 20/21C. We have had alot of southerly breezes so that has kept the air mild. Forecast for the next two days looks good just hope it happens!