Friday, November 24, 2006

Finding my blog

I was just browsing trying to find out where my blog comes up with different searches. I haven't had the blog for long and am quite amazed how many people from different parts of the world have actually viewed it. Also pleased to say it has had a mention in other peoples blogs too (good comments!).
Would be very interested to hear from persons to tell me how they came across my blog.
A recent entry I came across is on Look on the entry dated 1 November entitled Middle Sea Race. On that entry there is a link to a journalist who was here for the MSR and there are some pics he took of one of the preliminary races and the actual race. They are brilliant and very well worth viewing.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

And more pics again!

This is Anton having one of or THE ride of his life! Although you can't see it on this pic the wave was one hell of a long wave - never seen anything like it in Malta before. Expect you are wondering if he made it up the wave or got smashed................yep rode the wave brilliantly!

Even more pics

This is Chris during an epic wave riding day in Ghallis. Wind was practically offshore with very large swell.....very rare conditions to have large swell and off/cross shore winds here in Malta.

Photo time

Another old pic but it was a good day! This is Darius.........soon after this shot was taken he came up with a totally disintegrated helmet. Pic taken in Mellieha Bay by Rebecca.

Have a laugh

This and the following pics are a bit on the old side but...................well have some time on my hands so just fooling around! Also just to show I can laugh at myself!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Great Restaurant

If you ever visit Gozo and are looking for somewhere to have a meal go straight to ''Xerri l-Bukkett''. Last weekend we went for a meal there and the food was great - you dont have to have a meal, jut sit there and enjoy the view cos it has one of the best views on the island. Perched right ontop of the hill/cliff at the Mgarr side of Qala (on the road that goes down to Mgarr from Qala along the cliff edge - NOT the main road) it overlooks the channel towards Comino and Malta. It doesn't matter what the weather is cos its lovely whether its sunny and calm or stomy and rough.
The restaurant is very much a 'local' centre. As you enter you have the local ''bocci'' club (thats bowls in english I think). The only indoor one I know of in Gozo. Behind that is the restaurant with enormous glass windows overlooking this fantastic view and ofcourse you can also eat outside. On the left is the bar and near it an area where the old local men sit around and play cards. There is a very nice atmosphere and it seems is a hangout for old and young alike.
So when in Gozo next make sure you give them a visit. Very good service and polite and welcoming too. Don't know why we didn't try it sooner! Very easy to find -best thing to do is make your way to Qala and ask the first person you see to show you the way to ''Xerri l-Bukkett''.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

December offer

Great offers on for accommodation in any one of our houses throughout December if you quote ''Buntsblog''! Go onto and have a good browse through our website to see what our houses have to offer.


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