Strong Wind

Fuerteventura 2005

Yesterday after not having wind for a long time during the summer months we got a North Easterly force 6. Great to be out on the water and also to give my new Mistral Synchro a good try. It was pretty tough going in the morning mainly cos I was feeling so unfit but also the conditions in the morning were pretty difficult with alot of mushy white water and you had to be well powered up to get out thru the waves. Around lunch time the wind went more easterly and the waves became smoother but smaller and sailing was not such a battle and less 'washing machine' treatment! Just good to be out on the water - need to get fit though. And hope this season will be better than last year cos that was the worst season I can ever remember in..........wont say how many years!
This time last year I was feeling so strong and fit after 3 weeks windsurfing in Fuerteventura! Good memories!