Middle Sea Race Over

Artie before the start

Well another year gone by for the MSR and it was the most successful one yet. Our boys did us really proud with two of our teams featuring in the top 5! A BIG BIG 'prosit' to Lee who skippered his boat ARTIE into 2nd place overall. Absolutely brilliant! It was quite a surprise it seems and they did not realise they had a chance of winning the event until the last leg, but Morning Glory managed to steal the title from them by about an hour and half on time. Really proud of you lads!!!!
Certainly something to be proud of racing against such names as Neville Crichton and Paul Cayard! You guys are all going to be on a high until next years race........I know I would if I was part of the team.
I was surprised that Strait Dealer didnt figure in the top 10 cos I thought she had a good chance of being in the top 5...............I got that one wrong! From what I gather she needs more wind and wind was lacking this race - though much better than last year which saw the majority of the fleet retire due to a lack of wind.
I wonder which of the ''Big Shots'' will be racing next year? It would be nice to be honoured with someone like Ellen MacArthur joining the race! But she will probably be attempting some other record breaking voyage somewhere in the world.