Middle Sea Race Finish

The Middle Sea Race is coming to an end with Alfa Romeo gaining line honours as expected - that was a couple of days ago. She was followed by Maximus and Morning Glory. It seems like Morning Glory is going to win the race on time...not sure yet but just making a general calculation thats the way it looks. The fleet have had light wind all the way with the occassional 14/15 knots at times. Strait Dealer seems to be the first Maltese boat in - I stand to be corrected but from what I can make out she is the first Maltese boat and I think her crew can be pretty proud of themselves cos they have sailed well throughout the race competing against high class stuff.
The two bad no wind situations seemed to be by Stromboli and under Pantalleria. Probably all boats will be in by tonight. On their way to the finish line they have to pass through the Comino channel and then they sail past the outside of Mellieha Bay so I keep popping out the see if anyone is passing. A yacht has just passed (blue hull) but not sure which one - one of the larger classed boats. Looked like they were averaging about 8/9 knots.
It will be interesting to see the final results and also the class results.