Friday, December 22, 2006

John has a quick break

John grabbed the opportunity of a nice breeze to have a sail on his Formula board. The breeze only lasted an hour and John made the most of it. Although he is on holiday he is working quite hard right now for his o'levels in May - there is also ALOT of energy going into fishing too!!
The forecast over the Christmas weekend is really good with a strong north easterly wind which will bring nice waves into the bay. Forecast for Christmas day is good too so it will be an early morning sail for a couple of hours then rush up to cook Christmas lunch! What a Christmas present that would be...........wind!

Sorry cannot upload image today. Having problems - think it is to do with the changeover to the new blogger system there is.

Euromed Results

Some of the Lasers just after racing

Below is the article from the Times of Malta re the Euromed. Our local kids did really well!

Go to The Sunday Times
Fri, December 22, 2006
Sailing - 7th Euromed Malta Championship
Zammit Tabona takes honours
Twelve-year-old Thomas Zammit Tabona won the 7th edition of the Euromed Malta Championship, the international sailing manifestation organised by the Malta Young Sailors Club and sanctioned by the Malta Sailing Federation.
The final results of the five-day event raced at Mellieha Bay were:
Optimist Class (Overall list): 1. Thomas Zammit Tabona (Malta); 2. Edward Fleri Soler (Malta); 3. Alessandre Massard (Switzerland).
Optimist Class (Female Class): 1. Ella Fleri Soler (Malta); 2. Vangelov (Bulgaria); 3. Marine Prat (Monaco).
Optimist Cadet Class: 1. Edward Fleri Soler (Malta); 2. Gianmaria Ferrighi (Italy); 3. Stefano Ferrighi (Italy).
Optimist Cadet Junior Class: 1. Karl Miggiani (Malta); 2. Ryan Abela (Malta); 3. Matthew Westwood (Malta).
Laser Standard Class: 1. Soenke Bruhms (Germany); 2. Aaron Podesta (Malta); 3. Darren Cauchi (Malta).
Laser Radial Class: 1. Christophe Podesta (Malta); 2. Matthew Fleri Soler (Malta); 3. Simon Aquilina (Malta).
Laser 4.7 Class: 1. Dimitar Vangelov (Bulgaria); 2. Vito Genna (Italy); 3. Cinzia Rinaudo (Italy).
The presentation of prizes was held yesterday evening at Adira Sailing Centre which over the past days served as the official championship headquarters.

New Years Eve Party in Gozo

Victoria lit up during Festa time

There is an article in the local Times of Malta re a New Years Eve party which is being organised by the local Ministry in Victoria. This is going to be a kind of street party flowing over into nearby streets and squares and open to the public free of charge. There will be all sorts of activities going on. To read the whole article about it go onto this link. Sounds like fun!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Euromed 2006

The Euromed for Optimist and Lasers has this year been held in Mellieha for the first time instead of St. Pauls Bay. The preliminary write up can be found on this link

Today they had the last day of racing and all week weather conditions have been very light. Yesterday racing was postponed cos there was absolutely no wind at all.........completely glass sea......would have been better to hold a wakeboarding competition! I think they managed to scrape in one or two races on a smaller course.
Will publish and add link when I get the final results.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Winter deals on our farmhouses

Dar Ghax-Xemx in Victoria dating back about 300 years

We have a special offer on for the winter season in any of our two farmhouses. For weekend breaks stay for 3 nights at the price of 2. Pay for a full week and get an extra 2 nights free. Check out our website for property details on

Clayton flying high with his kite (Photo by Rebecca)

Yesterday was a public holiday here in Malta and we were blessed with some wind! It was blowing a south east and I was out with a 5.5m Tushingham sail and nicely powered up most of the time. I am so impressed with the Tushingham sails - the 5.5m feels more like a 5m it's so soft and light in your hands and it goes well with my Mistral Synchro 83. Took a beat out of the bay beyond the first reef and had a great blast reaching back in then played around in the surf a while. We had a good 3 hours on the water and felt pleasantly relaxed after a nice hot bath in the evening. Let's hope that the season is now beginning to kick in and we will have a good winter. The weather is still unbelievably mild. I mean I wore a shorty again yesterday! Middle December..........water still around 20/21C. We have had alot of southerly breezes so that has kept the air mild. Forecast for the next two days looks good just hope it happens!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

John during one of the Marzamemi (Sicily) races with an unexpected visitor.

Malta is fast becoming quite a centre for competitive yacht racing. Locally there are always events going on with regular races to Sicily and back, double handed races, figure of 8 races around Malta and Gozo, Round Comino, Round Malta, the Middle Sea Race and ofcourse the usual Round the Buoys. It is nice to see so many youngsters becoming so keen - and alot of them getting the upper hand over their parents I should think too! During the summer months a regatta was held and the winning boat crew are to go to Valencia and have a training session on one of the Americas Cup boats. How about that for a prize??

Friday, December 01, 2006

Got wet today


Went down for a quick hour+ today. Used the Mistral Joker 109l with Tushingham 6m sail.
Nice to get out on the water and get wet.....also nice to still be able to use a shorty! Had some nice runs, far from wild and exciting but sailable and after not having any decent wind for so long its great to just be out on the water.
Forecast looking good for next week - fingers crossed.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Finding my blog

I was just browsing trying to find out where my blog comes up with different searches. I haven't had the blog for long and am quite amazed how many people from different parts of the world have actually viewed it. Also pleased to say it has had a mention in other peoples blogs too (good comments!).
Would be very interested to hear from persons to tell me how they came across my blog.
A recent entry I came across is on Look on the entry dated 1 November entitled Middle Sea Race. On that entry there is a link to a journalist who was here for the MSR and there are some pics he took of one of the preliminary races and the actual race. They are brilliant and very well worth viewing.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

And more pics again!

This is Anton having one of or THE ride of his life! Although you can't see it on this pic the wave was one hell of a long wave - never seen anything like it in Malta before. Expect you are wondering if he made it up the wave or got smashed................yep rode the wave brilliantly!

Even more pics

This is Chris during an epic wave riding day in Ghallis. Wind was practically offshore with very large swell.....very rare conditions to have large swell and off/cross shore winds here in Malta.

Photo time

Another old pic but it was a good day! This is Darius.........soon after this shot was taken he came up with a totally disintegrated helmet. Pic taken in Mellieha Bay by Rebecca.

Have a laugh

This and the following pics are a bit on the old side but...................well have some time on my hands so just fooling around! Also just to show I can laugh at myself!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Great Restaurant

If you ever visit Gozo and are looking for somewhere to have a meal go straight to ''Xerri l-Bukkett''. Last weekend we went for a meal there and the food was great - you dont have to have a meal, jut sit there and enjoy the view cos it has one of the best views on the island. Perched right ontop of the hill/cliff at the Mgarr side of Qala (on the road that goes down to Mgarr from Qala along the cliff edge - NOT the main road) it overlooks the channel towards Comino and Malta. It doesn't matter what the weather is cos its lovely whether its sunny and calm or stomy and rough.
The restaurant is very much a 'local' centre. As you enter you have the local ''bocci'' club (thats bowls in english I think). The only indoor one I know of in Gozo. Behind that is the restaurant with enormous glass windows overlooking this fantastic view and ofcourse you can also eat outside. On the left is the bar and near it an area where the old local men sit around and play cards. There is a very nice atmosphere and it seems is a hangout for old and young alike.
So when in Gozo next make sure you give them a visit. Very good service and polite and welcoming too. Don't know why we didn't try it sooner! Very easy to find -best thing to do is make your way to Qala and ask the first person you see to show you the way to ''Xerri l-Bukkett''.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

December offer

Great offers on for accommodation in any one of our houses throughout December if you quote ''Buntsblog''! Go onto and have a good browse through our website to see what our houses have to offer.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Middle Sea Race Over

Artie before the start

Well another year gone by for the MSR and it was the most successful one yet. Our boys did us really proud with two of our teams featuring in the top 5! A BIG BIG 'prosit' to Lee who skippered his boat ARTIE into 2nd place overall. Absolutely brilliant! It was quite a surprise it seems and they did not realise they had a chance of winning the event until the last leg, but Morning Glory managed to steal the title from them by about an hour and half on time. Really proud of you lads!!!!
Certainly something to be proud of racing against such names as Neville Crichton and Paul Cayard! You guys are all going to be on a high until next years race........I know I would if I was part of the team.
I was surprised that Strait Dealer didnt figure in the top 10 cos I thought she had a good chance of being in the top 5...............I got that one wrong! From what I gather she needs more wind and wind was lacking this race - though much better than last year which saw the majority of the fleet retire due to a lack of wind.
I wonder which of the ''Big Shots'' will be racing next year? It would be nice to be honoured with someone like Ellen MacArthur joining the race! But she will probably be attempting some other record breaking voyage somewhere in the world.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Middle Sea Race Finish

The Middle Sea Race is coming to an end with Alfa Romeo gaining line honours as expected - that was a couple of days ago. She was followed by Maximus and Morning Glory. It seems like Morning Glory is going to win the race on time...not sure yet but just making a general calculation thats the way it looks. The fleet have had light wind all the way with the occassional 14/15 knots at times. Strait Dealer seems to be the first Maltese boat in - I stand to be corrected but from what I can make out she is the first Maltese boat and I think her crew can be pretty proud of themselves cos they have sailed well throughout the race competing against high class stuff.
The two bad no wind situations seemed to be by Stromboli and under Pantalleria. Probably all boats will be in by tonight. On their way to the finish line they have to pass through the Comino channel and then they sail past the outside of Mellieha Bay so I keep popping out the see if anyone is passing. A yacht has just passed (blue hull) but not sure which one - one of the larger classed boats. Looked like they were averaging about 8/9 knots.
It will be interesting to see the final results and also the class results.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Even more pics of MSR start

The last class are off!

More race start pics

ABM Amro and Alfa Romeo heading for the start line

Rolex Middle Sea Race Start

Strait Dealer one of the local favourites

The start of the Middle Sea Race was the most impressive ever. Big names boat wise and skipper wise. An honour for our local sailors to be racing against (some with) the big names in yachting. The big boats like Alfa Romeo, Maximus, ABM Amro etc. are amazingly impressive. Boat handling is equally impressive - the way they are manouvred on such a small start line is like they are handling a small dinghy.
The whole setting with the historic background makes it just so unique. Dont think there is anywhere else in the world with such a start line.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cultural Calendar

Here is part of the cultural calendar for the next few months if you are planning a trip to Malta and/or Gozo. These events are always interesting and high quality.

A cultural festival on the island of Gozo.

Nov 3 - Nov 4: GEN VERDE
An international multi-artistic performing group: 24 women representing 14 nationalities.

Get to know music lovers from all over the world at encounter concerts!


Feb 16 - 20: CARNIVAL WEEK
A Carnival spectacle including dances, fancy dress costumes as well as a Parade of colourful floats

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Festival Mediterranea

For those visitors to Gozo within the next 2/3 weeks there are alot of cultural events going on. The Festival Mediterranea is an annual event and now well established on the Gozo calendar. It runs from around October 17th to November 5th with Opera, concerts, cultural tours etc. The opera this year is a triple bill with Pagliacci, Suor Angelica and Cavalleria Rusticana. There is also an Orchestral Concert at the Basilica of St. George - entrance to this is free of charge. There are more performing arts performances etc. Almost every day are various lectures and field trips. To get more details log onto

Rolex Middle Sea Race 2006

On Saturday 21st October is the start of the Rolex Middle Sea Race. The start line is in Marsamxett harbour between the Yacht Club on Manoel Island and a marker on the bastions on the Valletta side of Marsamxett. To get a prime position on the start line go to the Valletta side where there will hardly be anybody down by the sea - everyone tends to crowd the Yacht Club end. The start is unique in the world and well worth watching. The boats are world class calibre with the great big Maxis such as Alfa Romeo and Maximus, ABN Amro (of the Volvo Ocean Race) and many more. If you are interested in more details log onto the website
You can follow the progress of each and every boat throughout the course of the race.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Strong Wind

Fuerteventura 2005

Yesterday after not having wind for a long time during the summer months we got a North Easterly force 6. Great to be out on the water and also to give my new Mistral Synchro a good try. It was pretty tough going in the morning mainly cos I was feeling so unfit but also the conditions in the morning were pretty difficult with alot of mushy white water and you had to be well powered up to get out thru the waves. Around lunch time the wind went more easterly and the waves became smoother but smaller and sailing was not such a battle and less 'washing machine' treatment! Just good to be out on the water - need to get fit though. And hope this season will be better than last year cos that was the worst season I can ever remember in..........wont say how many years!
This time last year I was feeling so strong and fit after 3 weeks windsurfing in Fuerteventura! Good memories!

Bunts Blog

Cant believe I am doing something like creating my own blog! I am even impressing myself with my computer literacy.
Hopefully my blog posts will be of interest to anyone who loves the sea - sailing/windsurfing/diving/fishing - whatever - Travel - Nature - Peace & Quiet and most of all Fun!
I shall try and use this also for any quick updates, information and offers regarding our website


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