Friday, January 13, 2017

Kiters in Golden Bay Today

This afternoon at Golden Bay. Just three kiters down. Conditions gusty apparently.

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John looks like he is doing a ''raily'' on the top of the rock
 I still have not mastered ''Panning''! Not even close.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

MAPFRE Middlesea Euromed Championship 2016

Last  week was the the 2016 edition of the MAPFRE Middlesea Euromed Championships.
With strong winds - gale force at times - and big swells in the bay of Mellieha, the first day of racing had to be cancelled. The following day allowed for some racing which then had to be stopped due to increased strong winds once again. Fortunately the following two days gave the fleets a window in which they could complete the event. Wind went from one extreme to the other with not much of a breeze on the two remaining days they were able to race.
Nevertheless the Championship was, once again, a great success. It continues to grow in popularity with a fleet of over 200 youngsters taking to the water on Optimists and Lasers. Besides being a very competitive event it is a family one with lots of camaraderie between sailors, families and friends.
Sponsors are, of course, a very important part of the Championship and this year MAPFRE Middlesea and Yachting Events were their main sponsors.

Final results are as below:

Optimist Cadet:                   1. Richard Schultheis (MLT)
                                               2. Tommaso Delfontes (ITA)
                                               3. Gabriele Venturino (ITA)

Optimist Novice:                  1. Shaun Aquilina (MLT)
                                               2. Giuseppe Romeo (ITA)
                                               3. Matthew Flores (MLT)

Optimist Open Champ;       1. Marco Gradoni (ITA)
                                               2. William Risselin (BEL)
                                               3. Claudio de Fontes (ITA)

Laser 4.7:                              1. Salvatore Sciuto (ITA)
                                               2. Michael Amadori (ITA)
                                               3. Thomas Westerhof (NED)

Laser Radial:                       1. Zachary Zammit
                                              2. Peter Fagan
                                              3. Cesarina Criscione (ITA)
Photo credits to Rodrigo Moreira/LX Sailing


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Final Day RC44 Valletta Cup - No Racing

Lovely day out on spectator boat to watch the final day of racing for the RC44 Valletta Cup. Unfortunately racing was cancelled due to light shifty winds, but still managed a few shots and a great opportunity to get up close to these exciting hi-tec boats.

Pics: Bunty Cachia
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