Friday, August 28, 2015

2015 Optimist World Championships Under Way

Pics: Robert Farrugia Vella/Ivan Esposito

Pic from

Practice race over and the qualifying races started yesterday in very light conditions. Unfortunately, due to wind conditions, only one race was completed in the yellow fleet in which Katryna Esposito took part.
Katryna had a good start with conditions similar to the practice race. She made use of knowledge gained on the course the previous day choosing the right side of the course to her advantage. Rounding the first buoy in 13th position she held on to her place pushing a bit more to finish 11th. A great start for Katryna.

In Craig's fleet they attempted three starts to no avail and Michael's fleet were unable to even try one start due to the lack of wind. Let's hope the wind improves for the rest of the qualifying races.

The fleet picture above is the main page banner on  Lovely to see Craig's MLT sail in the forefront of the picture.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Arrival day at Oppie Worlds Today

Training has been ongoing for Craig, Katryna and Michael in Poland the past few days. Today is the official arrival day for the various teams competing in these World Championships which start off with a practice race tomorrow followed by the Opening Ceremony.

Wishing our Maltese team the best of luck and fair winds.

Pics below taken by Team Leader/Doctor Ivan Esposito

Thursday, August 20, 2015

All Set for the 2015 Optimist World Championships

Race Venue

Above and below sections of the Marina at the racing venue

Teams from 58 countries are now congregating in Dziwnow, Poland for the 2015 Optimist World Championships. It is estimated that there are around 200,000 Optimist sailors around the world and 300 of them will be competing for the top prize of the year.
The actual racing will take place in Pomorska Bay on the Baltic Sea. There is an alternative back up, in case of adverse sea conditions, at Kamienski Bay.

The event will run from the 25th August until the 5th September. The programme is as follows:

25th Aug                    Official arrival day
26th to 27th Aug        Registration and measurement
26th Aug                    Practice race. Team leaders meeting and Opening Ceremony
27th  to 29th Aug       Championship fleet races
30th &31st Aug         Team Racing Championship
31st Aug                     Invitational race: Optional race for teams that did not make it to the final stage of the team racing championship. Programme to be announced later.
1st Sept                      Spare day
2nd to 4th Sept           Championship fleet races
4th Sept                      Closing and Prize Giving Ceremony
5th Sept                      Official departure day

Malta are entering a three person team with Craig Farrugia Vella, Katryna Esposito and Michael Amadori. These three sailors have been training and competing hard, both locally and abroad, over the past months leading up to this event.
They are now back in Poland after a short rest back home. Accompanying them are coach Vagelis Atzemian, team leader and medical doctor Ivan Esposito and country rep Robert Farrugia Vella. Between now and the start of racing they will be familiarizing themselves more and more with the local conditions under the watchful eye of their coach.

As more news and photos gather I hope to keep an update as to what is going on.
Wishing them all the best of luck!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ora Cup 2015 Lago di Garda and Craig and Katryna are Off to the Worlds

Craig Farrugia Vella and Katryna Esposito went off to the Optimist World Championships in Poland. They will be undergoing further training prior to the event. During this time they will be able to acclimatize themselves to the local conditions.

The Ora Cup 2015 took place in Lago di Gardo over the weekend. It seems wind conditions were tricky but they managed to a squeeze in six races for the Junior Optimist class and 4 races for the Cadet Optimist class.
The sailors representing Malta raced well throughout and final results were Michael Amadori in 10th place overall with Victoria and Antonia Schultheis in 15th and 37th place respectively. Richard Schultheis came in 3rd place in the Cadet class. Well done all!

Below some Fabulous pictures taken by Andrea Schultheis in Lago di Garda

Water spray being one of my favourite photo topics, I just love the pic above

Friday, August 07, 2015

Good Results in Lago di Garda - Optimist Racing

Excellent results have been achieved in the Simone Lombardi Trophy which was held over the past few days in Lago di Garda.
Richard Schultheis has come away as winner of the Cadet class after three 1st and a 3rd placing in his class. In the Optimist Juniors Gold fleet Victoria Schultheis placed 10th (1st non Italian boat and 2nd female). Michael Amadori came in 14th in the Gold fleet and Antonia Schultheis finished in 48th in the eighty strong Gold fleet.

I don't have any photos to post right now but if you go onto THIS PAGE you will see a large selection of some great photos of the event.

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Great results for Craig and Katryna in Greece

Craig Farrugia Vella and Katryna Esposito are coming away from Greece with very satisfactory results. After twelve races sailed in a variety of wind conditions their final overall results were Craig in 7th position and Katryna in 13th position out of an overall fleet of 46 sailors. Craig was the 1st non Greek in the fleet and Katryna was 2nd female. Excellent results for these two young sailors as they carry on their training on the road to Poland where they will be competing in the Optimist World Championships at the end of the month.


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