Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Some Windsurfing Shots from Today

Some shots taken today in 35 knot winds at Ghallis. A bit grainy as they were all far out on the point, but looked like fun out there.

Casualty - broken fin

Launching and getting out again is not always so easy

Sicily - November 2015 (2)

From the Nebrodi Mountains and over to Castelbuono on the edge of the Madonie Mountains.
Pictures speak for themselves.

Click on pics to enlarge

One of the Agriturismo Bergi dogs. Great company on walks.

Another Bergi dog and walking companion. This one was such a character
Part of the beautiful grounds and terraces the Bergi has to offer

The Bergi goats - quite a hairstyle!
Couldn't have had a better terrace with views
Some of the view from our terrace

Trying to be creative!

Wished I could bring this olive wood log back home with me.

Olives everywhere

Pretty wooded windy roads through the Nebrodi Mtns

Nebrodi region
Cemetary in Enna - they go up instead of underground

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sicily - November 2015 (1)

Living in Malta one has the luxury of jumping onto the catamaran, car and all, and 60 miles one and a half hours later driving off for a few days discovery (or rediscovery) of the beautiful island of Sicily. A large island of extreme contrasts. From mostly tatty towns strewn all over the mountains and coast to majestic World Heritage sites and pretty villages sitting rather precariously atop the high steep hills which cover most of Sicily. If you can look beyond the initial 'not so good' impression one gets on driving into the average town and head for the 'Citta Antica' you will, no doubt, come across the ruins of the castle. It seems every hilltop town or village has or has had a castle which the town grew up around. This is where you will find the old and quaint part of the town and anything that is of interest.  If you are lucky enough that castle will actually have been renovated and open to visitors. If not just walk through the maze of narrow cobbled alleys, strewn across with the day's washing, and soak in the atmosphere.

Taormina was our first stop. Most people seem to make a beeline straight for Taormina but it has actually been many years since we last visited. For me it was quite a nostalgic trip back in time  revisiting fond memories (which I could confirm were not a figment of my imagination after all these years). Opting for accommodation even higher up at Castel Mola the views were stunning wherever you went and the spectacular view of Mt. Etna gave me a great opportunity to snap away with the camera early in the morning.

Click on pics to enlarge

Had a laugh with this chap

Clock tower Taormina

One of the gates in Taormina

Looking down from the far side of the Greek Theatre towards the sea - Taormina
Greek Theatre Taormina

Greek Theatre - Taormina


Roof top - Castel Mola
Etna from our room in Castel Mola
Etna on the way to Nebrodi Mountains
Outside Cefalu

More to come.........

Thursday, October 22, 2015

ARTIE pips XP-ACT to the Finish Line

B2 are the overall winners of the 2015 edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race after having crossed the line in 3 days 10 hours 52 minutes and 1 second on elapsed time.
The Maltese boats have all done very well pushing to their limit. It has been quite a battle between them all as they have been packed together since rounding Stromboli. 
In the last day or so the big question was who was going to be the first Maltese boat back home. It was looking like XP-ACT would reach there before ARTIE did, but due to a set back with two blown spinnakers for XP-ACT meant that ARTIE could plough on ahead with that precious little bit of extra boat speed to cross the finishing line as first Maltese boat home.

As usual, the various Maltese crews gave an excellent and very professional performance (sounds like a theatre production!) showing the high calibre of yachtsmen Malta has to offer.

Overall results for Maltese boats at the time of me writing this are ARTIE 4th, UNICA 15th, ELUSIVE 17th, XP-ACT 20th, JUNO 24th. AUGUST RUSH seems to have retired and pulled in at Pantalleria.
With an overall fleet of around 110 yachts I think their results are pretty good going!

AUGUST RUSH Pic K. Seychell Photography

B2 2015 Overall Winner Pic; Rebecca Cachia

XP-ACT & ELUSIVE Pic: K. Seychell

 Pics below thanks to K. Seychell Photography





Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Homeward Bound - RMSR 2015

The first bunch of boats are back in harbour and at present B2 is leading in the overall standings. It is still early to say whether or not they will retain that lead but they seem to be hot favourites to win the overall.
Meanwhile, there is another stiff race going on which is totally separate from the actual RMSR overall. That is between the Maltese yachts which are bunched up to within 2 to 4 miles of each other leading the first group of smaller boats racing. They have now rounded Lampedusa and it is a race back home to see who will be the first Maltese boat in. These boats have been jostling for position throughout most of the race, and been grouped together since rounding Stromboli. They are expected to be in during the night/very early hours of the morning. It has certainly been a race where they have not been able to let up for a single minute throughout.
So..... will it be Artie, Elusive, Juno, Unica or XP-ACT first Maltese boat in? 
Looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and seeing the results!

Pics below taken by Kurt Arrigo and Carlo Borlenghi for the RMSR


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